Don’t give up now

IMG_0672With over 19,000 POCs (people of concern) living in Moria camp on Lesvos, the crisis is further from resolution than ever before. The camp was designed to house just 3,000 refugees, but each day more people arrive on the island and can go nowhere else.

2019 saw around 75,000 refugees arrive in Greece with roughly 46,000 of those arriving on the Aegean islands. Lesvos received 27,148 of these arrivals – nearly double the number received in 2018.

The Greek government promised to move 20,000 refugees from the Aegean islands (Lesvos, Samos & Chios) before 2020, but 01/01/2020 arrived and there is still no evidence of any movements.

EuroRelief, the organisation co-ordinating the majority of day-to-day life in Moria (the largest camp on Lesvos), released this video in October. It gives a small taste of the horrific journeys the POCs endure to reach Lesvos and their experiences within the camp once they arrive. I would implore you to watch it (or save it for later if you are short on time).

The number of children in Moria has surpassed 6,500 – too many of these are unaccompanied minors who are some of the most vulnerable people in this crisis. Currently these children have the right to family reunification within the UK.
HOWEVER, as part of the Brexit Bill, the government is trying to scrap this legislation. PLEASE, if you live in the UK, follow this link and send an e-mail/letter to your MP to tell them that you support the reunification of children with their families – and then share this with your friends, family and colleagues so they can do the same. It will honestly take 2 minutes as the letter is pre-written and you can just press send!
We have until Wednesday 22nd January, when the bill will be voted on in the commons.

THANK YOU THANK YOU if you do send the letter!

Why now?

These POCs are ALWAYS important and should NEVER be forgotten. It’s been great to see a little more coverage in the news in recent months, however I wonder if this is just a sign of how awful the situation truly is.

In line with the increasing amount of support required in this crisis, I have decided to return to Lesvos this summer.  I received confirmation from EuroRelief yesterday that  I will be working for them again for the month of August. I am humbled to be offered this opportunity to serve the amazing people of Moria and see the incredible work that God is doing in this, the most desperate of situations.

Thanks for reading this brief update, and PLEASE continue to pray for those involved in this, watch EuroRelief’s video and email your MP,

Lots of love,

P.s. if you’d be interested in coming to Greece with me, do drop me a message – seriously!

[data source:

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