Some changes; same God.

As I revive a relic from the past, some things have changed and others not: I never made it out to Greece this summer due to quarantining and a lack of flights, but God’s is (of course) still SOVEREIGN. Although I was disappointed not to be serving the 14,000 people calling Moria their home, I was privileged to spend the summer caring for those living at Keystone. Keystone is a 9-bed CAMHS psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU), this means that the team and I were fighting daily to keep the young people in our care alive as they themselves battled acute mental health issues.

This summer has been yet another reminder that God’s plans and ways are far higher and better than any of mine (Isaiah 55:8-9).

But summer seems a long time ago. I moved back to Bath at the beginning of September to start a year as one of the four ministry trainees at St Bart’s, the church I have called home whilst a student. It is an absolute privilege to serve those I have come to know and love over the last four years.

The trainee year consists of three parts: ministry training, practical training and Biblical training.

I’m attending the South West Gospel Partnership Ministry Training Course as part of the programme to help build my knowledge and understanding of God’s word and how to lead others in its understanding. It is an honour to be working with our church family across our four congregations this year, although my main area of ministry will be with the youth of St Bart’s, as well as being involved in some of our students’ ministry. Finally, I have somehow also been deemed proficient enough to be in charge of the St Bart’s Bath social media pages…  (perhaps I am meant to ask for a like and a follow here?!). Most importantly though, the aim of all these ministries is to better equip us as individuals to serve our church family, and to reach out to those in our community who do not yet know of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. 

I do not yet know what the year ahead will hold, both in terms of the uncertainty and spontaneity generally of church work, but particularly due to the unknown consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. I do know though that whatever the year holds, I must be fully reliant on God himself to support and guide me, and that prayer if a huge part of this. As such, I intend to write regular updates for those of you who would be willing to join me in prayer.

Prayer points:

  • That every aspect of my work this year will glorify God, even the more subtle or ‘mundane’ aspects.
  • For humility in serving others and being able to recognise my own limitations.
  • That God would be revealing to our staff team how to reach out to those, both in our church family and our community, who are not yet able to meet in person and show them more of Christ.

As ever, thank you greatly for your support and encouragement.
May God bless you,